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Maps of the Northeast (New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey)

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Carte Generale des Etats de Virginie, Maryland, Delaware, Pensilvanie, Nouveau-Jersey, New York, Connecticut . . . De Louis Evans et la Carte Anglaise De Thomas - Jefferys Evans  / Tardieu 1787 $1,200.00 Details
Generalkarte von Nord America samt den Westindischen Inseln Versasst von Herrn. Pownall . . . MDCCLXXXVIII Schraembl 1788 $475.00 Details
View of the West Bank of the Hudson's River 3 Miles above Still Water, upon which the Army under the command of Lt. General Burgoyne, took post on the 20th. Sepr. 1777 (Showing General Frazer's Funeral). Lane 1789 $475.00 Details
Carte Pour Le Voyage dans les Parties interieures de L'Amerique Anburey 1790 $475.00 Details
Town of Steuben. 1769 (Manuscript) Goerck 1790 ca $2,800.00 Details
A Map of the Northern and Middle States; Comprehending Western Territory and the British Dominions in North America from the best Authorities Stockdale  / Morse 1792 $695.00 Details
A Plan of the Action at Bunkers Hill on the 17th of June 1775 between His Majesty's Troops, Under the Command of Major General Howe, and the American Forces . . . Faden  / Stedman 1793 $2,800.00 Details
A Plan of the Operations of the King's Army under the Command of General Sr. William Howe, K.B. in New York and East New Jersey, against the American Forces Commanded By General Washington, From the 12th of October to the 28th of November 1776 . . . Faden  / Stedman 1793 $1,600.00 Details
A Topographical Map of the Northn. Part of New York Island, Exhibiting the Plan of Fort Washington, now Fort Knyphausen, shewing the several Attacks of the Royal Army. Faden  / Stedman 1793 $1,400.00 Details
1st sheet of De Witt's State Map of New-York (with contemporary manuscript annotations) De Witt 1793 ca $9,500.00 Details
Plan of the Position which the Army under Lt. Gen. Burgoine took at Saratoga on the 10th of September 1777 and in which it remained till the Convention was signed. Faden  / Stedman 1794 $750.00 Details
Part of the United States of North America Loskiel 1794 $795.00 Details
Plan of the Attack of the Forts Clinton & Montgomery upon Hudsons River which were Stormed by His Majesty's Forces under the Command of Sir Henry Clinton…6th of Octr. 1777… Faden  / Stedman 1794 $1,500.00 Details
A New and Correct Map of the British Colonies in North America Comprehending Eastern Canada with the Adjacent States of New England, Vermont, New York, Pennsylvania and New Jersey . . . 1794 Laurie & Whittle 1794 $1,100.00 Details
A New and General Map of the Middle Dominions Belonging to the United States of America, viz. Virginia, Maryland, The Delaware-Counties, Pennsylvania, New Jersey &c. . . 1794 Laurie   &  Whittle 1794 $2,200.00 Details
A Map of The State of New York. Stockdale 1794 $375.00 Details
Sketch of General Grants Position on Long Island . . . Faden  / Stedman 1794 $295.00 Details
A Map of Messrs. Gorham & Phelps's Purchase: now the County of Ontario, in the State of New York: From actual Survey By A. Porter Porter   &  Doolittle 1794 ca $15,000.00 Details
A Plan of the Action at Breeds Hill*; on the 17th of June 1775. Between the American Forces, and The British Troops. *Erroneously called Bunkers Hill. Smith 1796 $3,900.00 Details
The State of New York Compiled from the most Authentic Information. 1796. Reid 1796 $475.00 Details