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Maps of the Northeast (New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey)

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Illustration Title Map Maker Date Price (US) More Info
(Original Artwork) Pictorial Map of Historic Nassau County Voorhies 1948 ca $375.00 Details
A New Yorker's Idea of the United States of America (Rare Marine Underwriter Corp overprint) Wallingford 1935 $675.00 Details
A Romance Map of the Finger Lakes Region . . . Plaisted 1934 $345.00 Details
New York Metropolitan District Published by the Merchants' Association of New York Merchants Association of New York 1927 (1935) $475.00 Details
[Finger Lakes] C.K.S. Grape Belt (Seneca, Canadaigua and Keuka Lakes) Growers & Shippers Exchange 1920 ca $125.00 Details
New-York Klemm 1908 ca $5,500.00 Details
Map of the Boroughs of Manhattan and The Bronx City of New York . . . 1905 Hyde 1905 $1,950.00 Details
Ohman's Road Map of Westchester County . . . 1901 Colton Ohman & Co. 1901 $375.00 Details
Map of New York City showing portions of Brookly, New Jersey & Westchester County . . . 1901 [and reverse side showing] Road Map of the New York and New Jersy Suburbs, Showing the boundary lines of the Greater New York with the good roads specially marked . . . Rand McNally & Co 1901 $125.00 Details
Canoe Map of Charles River Bird's-Eye View Showing Carries, Dams, etc. Walker & Co. 1900 ca $450.00 Details
New York, from Brooklyn Heights. Hill 1900 ca $5,800.00 Details
Map of Brooklyn and Vicinity Rand McNally & Co. 1898 $275.00 Details
Map of Lake George . . . 1895 Stoddard 1895 $750.00 Details
[Soho, New York City] Map of Wm Beekmans Lots on Bayard's West Farm, showing his distribution thereof among his Nephews and Nieces__ Copied from an original survey & map by Chas. Loss City Survey 1st March 1810 Cooke 1890 ca $425.00 Details
Colton's New Map of Long Island . . . 1890 Colton 1890 $2,400.00 Details
Rhode Island Arbuckle Brothers Coffee Co. 1889 $30.00 Details
The Centennial Naval Parade In The Upper Bay -- The U.S.S. "Despatch" and Her Convoy Passing Governor's Island, AS Seen From The Washington Building -- Drawn by Charles Graham. Harper & Brothers 1889 $575.00 Details
New Jersey Arbuckle Brothers Coffee Co. 1889 $30.00 Details
New York Arbuckle Brothers Coffee Co. 1889 $30.00 Details
G. Woolworth Colton's Railroad, Township & Distance Map of New England with adjacent portions of New York, Canada & New Brunwick. Colton 1885 $295.00 Details