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Maps of Mexico

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Illustration Title Map Maker Date Price (US) More Info
Plano General De La Ciudad de Mexico Año de 1864. Decaen & Debray 1864 $345.00 Details
Mexique Malte-Brun 1812 $345.00 Details
Amer. Sep. No. 58 Partie De La Vieille Californie [Baja California, Gulf of California and Sonora] Vandermaelen 1825 $315.00 Details
Maury's Wind and Current Chart, North Pacific No. 11. Series A. (Galapagos Islands, Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica, New Granada, Ecuador) Maury 1852 $275.00 Details
Amer. Sep. No. 66. Merida [Yucatan and Western Cuba] Vandermaelen 1825 $275.00 Details
Map of the Gold Mining District (In northern Baja California Norte) (with Special Report from the Mines) California Printing Co. 1889 $275.00 Details
Mexicana Langenes 1612 $275.00 Details
Mexique ou Nouvelle Espagne Mallet 1686 $245.00 Details
Mexique ou Nle. Esagne (California as an Island) Du Val 1682 $220.00 Details
Spanish Dominions In North America Central Part Pinkerton 1811 $195.00 Details
Plan of the Road and Port of La Vera Cruz, Surveyed in 1740 Sayer & Bennett 1794 $195.00 Details
Mexico [Arizona as Gadsden] Blackie & Son 1860 $195.00 Details
Amer. Sep. No. 64 Partie Du Mexique [Guadalajara, Mazatlan, Valladoild, Guanajuato and Zacatecas] Vandermaelen 1825 $175.00 Details
Mexique et Guatemala . . . Duvotenay 1844 $175.00 Details
Amer. Sep. No. 63 Partie de la Vieille Californie [Baja California--Cabo San Lucas] Vandermaelen 1825 $175.00 Details
Map of Mexico, Central America, and the West Indies [Insets of Bermuda, Sandwich Islands, Jamaica and Panama Railroad] Mitchell Jr. 1881 $145.00 Details
Amer. Sep. No. 65. Partie Du Mexique [Gulf Coast, Mexico, Puebla, Vera Cruz, etc] Vandermaelen 1825 $135.00 Details
Survey of the Mexican Lines of Defence at Cerro Gordo, and the Lines of Attack of the American Army under Major General Scott, On the 17th and 18th of April 1847. Duval 1848 $125.00 Details
Map of the Valley of Mexico and Neighbouring Mountains Sketched on the Spot in 1804 by Don Louis Martin and New Modelled and corrected in 1807 from the Trigonometrical operations of Don Joaquin Velasquez, and . . . measurements of M. De Humboldt. Humboldt 1810 $125.00 Details
La Paz (Lower California) and its Environs, Showing Positions Occupied by U.S. Troops & the Mexicans, during the attacks of November & December 1847 Duval 1847 $125.00 Details