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Maps of Florida

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Illustration Title Map Maker Date Price (US) More Info
A General Chart of The West India Islands with The Adjacent Coasts of the Spanish Continent . . . 1796 Faden 1796 $875.00 Details
To His Royal Highness George August Frederick, Prince of Wales &c. &c. &c. This Chart of the West Indies, Is humbly Inscribed by His Royal Highness's Faithful & Obedient Servant Joseph Smith Speer Speer 1796 $7,500.00 Details
Gli Stati Uniti Dell' America Delineati sulle ultime osservazioni -- Quinto Foglio che comprende La Georgia, E Partie Della Carolina Con La Florida Cassini 1797 $1,200.00 Details
La Parte Orientale Dell'Antico, E Nuovo Messico Con Florida E La Bassa Luigiana . . . 1798 Cassini 1798 $1,200.00 Details
Carta esférica que comprehende las costas del Seno Mexicano construida de orden del Rey en el Depósito Hidrográfico de Marina: Por disposición del Exmo. Señor Don Juan de Lángara, Secretario de Estado y del Despacho Universal de ella. Año de 1799. Direccion Hidrografica de Madrid 1799 $22,500.00 Details
A New Map of Part of the United States of North America Containing The Carolinas And Georgia. Also The Floridas And Part Of The Bahama Islands &c. . . . 1806 Cary 1806 $1,600.00 Details
Boca y Barra Del Rio Nasau Direccion Hidrografica de Madrid 1809 $375.00 Details
[Florida] Boca y Barra Del Rio Sn. Juan.. Direccion Hidrografica de Madrid 1809 $495.00 Details
Boca y Barra Del Rio Sta. Maria [Florida] Direccion Hidrografica de Madrid 1809 $495.00 Details
West Indies Pinkerton 1814 $375.00 Details
Geographical, Statistical, and Historical Map of Florida. Carey   &  Lea 1822 $595.00 Details
Geographical, Statistical and Historical Map of Florida Carey   &  Lea 1822 $975.00 Details
Carte Geographique, Statistique Et Historique De La Floride Buchon 1825 $295.00 Details
To The Members Of The Nautical Institution And Ship-Masters' Society Of The City Of New York, This Chart, Extending From Lat. 40°15 N., Long. 72°15 W., to Lat. 22°35 N., Long. 80°25 W., Is Respectfully Dedicated / By Their Obedient Servant Edmund M. Blunt . . . 1826 Blunt 1826 $8,500.00 Details
Amer. Sep. No. 62. Florides et Iles Lucayes Vandermaelen 1827 $475.00 Details
West India Islands And Adjacent Coasts of the United Staets, Mexico, Guatimala & Colombia Lizars 1830 ca $245.00 Details
North America XIV Florida. SDUK 1834 $395.00 Details
The Bahama Banks and Gulf of Florida By Edmund Blunt Hydrographer . . 1833. Additions to 1834. Blunt 1834 $3,400.00 Details
Carta Esferica de las costas Del Seno Mexicano . . . 1836 [Republic of Texas!] Direccion Hidrografica de Madrid 1836 $2,400.00 Details
Map of the Seat of War in Florida Compiled by Order of Brvt. Brig. Genl. Z. Taylor . . . 1839 United States Bureau of Topographical Engineers 1839 $2,400.00 Details