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Maps of Florida

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Illustration Title Map Maker Date Price (US) More Info
Geographical, Statistical, and Historical Map of Florida. Carey   &  Lea 1822 $595.00 Details
A Chart of the Great Western Ocean with the Coast of Europe, Africa & America . . . Done according to Mercator or Mr. Wright's Projection Senex  / Halley  / Cutler  / Parker 1728 $575.00 Details
A General Chart of The West India Islands with The Adjacent Coasts of the Spanish Continent . . . 1796 Faden 1796 $875.00 Details
A Map of East and West Florida Stockdale 1794 $675.00 Details
A Map of Mexico or New Spain Jefferys 1760 ca $345.00 Details
A New And Complete Map Of The West Indies Comprehending All The Coasts and Islands Known By That Name . . . 1794 Laurie & Whittle 1794 $750.00 Details
A new chart of the seas surrounding the island of Cuba, with the soundings, currents, ships, courses &c. and a map of the island itself lately made by an officer in the Navy London Magazine 1762 $750.00 Details
A New Chart of the West Indian Islands, as they are Possessed By The European Powers; Drawn from the most Recent Authorities . . . 1778 Sayer   &  Bennett 1778 $2,800.00 Details
A New Map of Part of the United States of North America Containing The Carolinas And Georgia. Also The Floridas And Part Of The Bahama Islands &c. . . . 1806 Cary 1806 $1,600.00 Details
A Plan of Amelia Harbour and Bar, in East Florida, Surveyed by Jacob Blamey, Master of His Majesty's Schooner St. John Sayer   &  Bennett 1776 $8,500.00 Details
A Plat Exhibiting The State of the Surveys in the State of Florida . . . 1854 US Surveyor General 1854 $295.00 Details
A Plat Exhibiting The State of the Surveys in the State of Florida . . . 1855 US Surveyor General 1855 $295.00 Details
Amer. Sep. No. 62. Florides et Iles Lucayes Vandermaelen 1827 $475.00 Details
An Accurate Map of the West Indies Engraved by A. Bell Bell  / Scots Magazine 1762 $295.00 Details
An Accurate Map of the West Indies. Exhibiting Not Only All the Islands Possess'd by the English, French, Spaniards & Dutch, but also All the Towns and Settlements on the Continent of America Adjacent thereto Bowen 1740 $575.00 Details
Apthorp's Standard Map of Florida Constructed From The Latest United States Surveys and From Other Official and Local Sources by Wm. Lee Apthorp . . . 1877 Apthorp 1877 $6,500.00 Details
Boca Grande and Gasparilla Island Street Map Boca Beacon 1991 $35.00 Details
Boca y Barra Del Rio Nasau Direccion Hidrografica de Madrid 1809 $375.00 Details
Boca y Barra Del Rio Sta. Maria [Florida] Direccion Hidrografica de Madrid 1809 $495.00 Details
Caarte Van West Indien, Soo Vaste landen als Eylanden, Nieuwelyckx Met Veele Perfexien Gecorigeert Ende Verbeetert, ende alle Clippen, Droochten, Ree:en, Haavens, Rivieren, steeden, en Bergen et daar in genoteert soo die ghelege zyn Vingboons 1700 ca $12,500.00 Details