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Maps of the Caribbean

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Illustration Title Map Maker Date Price (US) More Info
… Le lan..de la Ville d'San Domingo ou de St. Dominique… Mallet 1686 $125.00 Details
[Windward & Leeward Islands -- Puerto Rico to Trinidad] Anonymous 1840 ca ? $1,500.00 Details
[Virgin Islands, St. Kits, St. Barts, St. Martin, etc.] Carta Esferica de las Islas Caribes De Sotavento. Construida De Orden Del Rey Sobre Operaciones Geodesicas en 1793. Por Dn. Cosme Churraca Brigadier de la Real Armada en la Direccion Hidrografica de Orden Superior. Madrid Año 1804. Direccion Hidrografica de Madrid 1804 $1,800.00 Details
[Cuba] Croquis de la Provincia De Puerto Principe Formado por el E. M. de la Capitania General de la Isla de Cuba ampliado y stampado en colors por el Deposito de la Guerra 1896 Deposito de la Guerra 1896 $1,100.00 Details
West Indies from the best Authorities. Brightly   &  Kinnersly 1796 $225.00 Details
West Indies [Bermuda Inset] Bradford 1836 $125.00 Details
West Indies Thomson 1817 $295.00 Details
West Indies Cram 1900 ca $65.00 Details
West Indies Orr 1840 ca $75.00 Details
West Indies Thomas Cowperthwait & Co. 1857 $165.00 Details
West Indies Stanford 1896 $125.00 Details
West India Islands and Central America Johnston 1860 $145.00 Details
West India Islands And Adjacent Coasts of the United Staets, Mexico, Guatimala & Colombia Lizars 1830 ca $245.00 Details
West India Islands [Curacao, Trinidad, Grenada and Tobago] [4 maps on 1 sheet] Thomson 1817 $295.00 Details
West India Islands Tallis 1851 $295.00 Details
Tobago from Actual Surveys and Observations . . . Laurie & Whittle 1794 $975.00 Details
To the Rt. Hon’ble the Lords Commissioners for Executing the Office of Lord High Admiral of Great Britain, &c. &c. Of His Majesty’s Ships on the Secret Expedition, against Havanah; Down the Old Straits of Bahama in the Seven Divisions taken the 20. of June 1762. Serres 1762 ca. $3,600.00 Details
To the Rt. Honble. George Keppel, Earl of Albemarle &c. &c. Commander in Chief of all His Majesty’s Land Forces at the Attacks and Reduction of the Havannah, This Perspective View, of the Grand Attack of that City and Punto Castle, Between the Hours of 5 and 10 in the Morning of Augt. 13, 17 Serres 1762 ca. $1,900.00 Details
To the Rt. Honble. George Keppel Earl of Albemarle, &c. &c. Commander in Chief of All His Majesty’s Land Forces, at the Attacks and Reduction of the Havanah, This Perspective View of the Landing and Marching the Troops along the Shore towards the Fort Cojimar between the Hours of One and Thr Serres 1762 ca. $1,800.00 Details
To the Right Honorable Wills Earl of Hillsborough . . . This Map of the County of Middlesex, in the Island of Jamaica, laid down from the Papers and under the direction of Henry Moore, Esqr. . . . in the Years 1756, 57, 58, 59, 60 & 61 . . . Craskell   &  Simpson 1763 $5,000.00 Details