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Maps of the Caribbean

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Illustration Title Map Maker Date Price (US) More Info
[Windward & Leeward Islands -- Puerto Rico to Trinidad] Anonymous 1840 ca ? $1,500.00 Details
[San Juan, Puerto Rico] Anonymous 1775 ca $4,500.00 Details
Carte Des Isles Bermudes ou de Sommer Tire de L'Anglois Bellin 1764 $675.00 Details
Carte De L'Isle De La Grenade Bellin 1764 $95.00 Details
Carte De L'Isle De La Martinique . . . 1758 Bellin 1758 $95.00 Details
Cuba et Iamaica Bertius 1616 $375.00 Details
A General Chart of the Atlantic Ocean, Compiled from the latest Trigonometrical & Astronomical Surveys. By William Blachford, Hydrographer . . . Sold By Blachford & Imray, Chartsellers to the Admiralty & Hon. East Indian Company . . . 1847 Blachford & Imray 1847 $475.00 Details
Insulae Americanae in Oceano Septentrionali cum Terris adiacentibus Blaeu 1635 ca $1,500.00 Details
Mappa Aestivarum Insularum Alias Barmudas Blaeu 1640 ca $2,200.00 Details
West Indische PASKAERT waerin de graden der breedde over weder zijden vande middelijn wassende soo vergrooten dat die geproportioneert sijn tegen hunne nevenstaende graden der lengde; Vertonen (behalven Europaes zuydelijcste) alle de Zeekusten van Africa en America. . . bij Ioannes Loots. Blaeu  / Goos  / Loots 1695 ca $250,000.00 Details
Chart of the Gulf of Mexico, West Indies, and Spaish Main . . . 1845. Additions to 1846 Blunt 1846 $2,800.00 Details
The Great Bahama Bank with its Islands Cays and Channels Surveyed By Commanders R. Owen and E. Barnett Blunt 1851 $1,200.00 Details
The Bahama Banks and Gulf of Florida By Edmund Blunt Hydrographer . . 1833. Additions to 1834. Blunt 1834 $3,400.00 Details
Description de L'Isle de Gadeloupe Habitee des Francois despuis l'an 1634 par le Sieur de l'Olive, en ayant chasse enterrement les Savages nommez Caraibes, Les Francois qui l'habitent a présent sont environ 2000. Boisseau 1635 ca $1,400.00 Details
Carte Des Isles Antilles Et Du Golfe du Mexique; avec la majeure partie de la Nouvelle Espagne . . . 1780 Bonne 1782 $2,800.00 Details
(Coast of North America and Mythical Islands in the Atlantic) and (Scandinavia, Baltic, etc) Bordone 1528 (1547) $1,800.00 Details
A New and Accurate Chart of the West Indies with the Adjacent Coasts of North and South America . . . Bowen 1748 $875.00 Details
Particular Draughts of some of the Principal Towns and Harbours belonging to the English French and Spanish in America and the West Indies. [Boston, New York, Charleston, etc.] Bowen 1747 $750.00 Details
A New Chart of the Vast Atlantic Ocean; Exhibiting The Seat of War both in Europe and America, likewise the Trade Winds & Course of Saling from one Continent to the other . . Bowen 1755 $475.00 Details
An Accurate Map of the West Indies Drawn from the best Authorities, assisted by the most approved modern Maps and Charts . . . Bowen 1747 $750.00 Details