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Maps of Canada

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Illustration Title Map Maker Date Price (US) More Info
(Cape Breton Island) Isle Royale . . . 1749 De Vaugondy 1749 $145.00 Details
(French & Indian War Theater Map) Carte des Frontieres Francoises, et Angloises dens le Canda depuis Montreal jusques au Fort du Quesne. Pouchot 1781 $2,800.00 Details
(West Coast of North America) Carte de la Partie de la Cote Nord-Ouest de l'Amerique Reconnue pendant les Etes de 1792, 1793 et 1794 ... Captain George Vancouver. Vancouver 1800 ca $875.00 Details
(Western North America) Generalkarte von Nord America samt den Westindischen Inseln Versasst von Herrn. Pownall . . . MDCCLXXXVIII Schraembl 1788 $475.00 Details
A Chart of North and South America, including the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, with the nearest Coasts of Europe, Africa and Asia. (Northern Sheets) Sayer   &  Bennett 1775 $1,400.00 Details
A Chart of part of the Country of Labrador Taken by order of Commodore Shuldham, in ta Tour up the Coast in the Year 1773. By Lieutenant Roger Curtis. Basire 1773 $175.00 Details
A Chart of the Atlantick Ocean from Buttons Island To Port Royall [Includes Large Map of Chesapeake Bay, Delaware Bay, New York City and Vicinity] Cutler  / Halley 1728 $2,400.00 Details
A Chart of the Banks of Newfoundland Drawn from a Great Number of Hydrographical Surveys, Chiefly from those of Chabert, Cook and Fleurieu, Corrected and Ascertained Astronomical Observations. . . 1775 Sayer   Bennett 1775 $375.00 Details
A Chart of the Coast of America From Wood Island to Good Harbour From Holland's Survey Norman 1794 (1801) $17,500.00 Details
A Chart of the Gulf of St. Laurence, Composed From A Great Number of Actual Surveys and other Materials, Regulated by Astronomical Observations Sayer   &  Bennett 1775 $675.00 Details
A Chart of ye North part of America, For Hudson's Bay Comonly called ye North West Passage. By Iohn Thornton Hidrographer at the Platt in the Minories Thornton 1677 (1682 ca) $32,000.00 Details
A General Chart of the Island of Newfoundland with the Rocks & Soundings. Drawn from Surveys taken by Order of the Right Honourable the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty. By James Cook and Michael Lane Surveyors . . . 1775 Jefferys 1775 $575.00 Details
A Map of Canada and the North Part of Louisiana with the Adjacent Countrys. Jefferys 1762 $6,500.00 Details
A Map of Groenland Moll 1704 $165.00 Details
A Map of Hudsons Bay and Straits Jefferys 1756 $245.00 Details
A Map of New England & ye Country adjacent, extending Northward to Quebec & Westward to Niagara, on Lake Ontario, Showing Gen: Shirley and Gen: Johnson's Routs, & many many places omitted in other Maps; Communicated by a Gentleman who resided in these parts . . . 1755 General Magazine 1755 $750.00 Details
A Map of New England and Nova Scotia; with part of Canada, New York and New Britain & the adjacent Islands of New Found Land and Cape Breton . . . Kitchin 1758 $450.00 Details
A Map of Newfoundland Stockdale 1794 $125.00 Details
A Map of the British & French Plantations in North America London Magazine 1755 $495.00 Details
A Map of the Countries situate about the North Pole as far as the 50th Degree of North Latitude Carey 1814 $125.00 Details