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Maps of Canada

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Illustration Title Map Maker Date Price (US) More Info
British Columbia and Vancouver . . . Fullarton & Co. 1862 ca $395.00 Details
Chart of the Northern Shore of Hudson's Strait, with the Route of His Majesty's Ships Fury and Hecla, in search of a North West Passage under the Command of Captn. W.E. Parry in the Year 1821 . . . Parry 1824 $395.00 Details
Amer. Sep. No. 33. Partie De La Nouvelle Bretagne (Upper Missouri River, Lake Winnepeg, Lake of the Woods and Saskatehawan River] Vandermaelen 1825 $395.00 Details
Sketch Map Northwest Cariboo District British Columbia. August 24, 1915. Anonymous 1915 $375.00 Details
Carta Esferica en dos hojas Del Banco y La Isla De Terranova con parte de la Costa de Labrador, Consruida en la Direccion de Hidrografia seun las ultimas publicadas por el Deposito hidrografico de Londres y presantada a S.S.M.M. por Don Juan de Dios Sotelo . . . 1840 Direccion Hidrografica de Madrid 1840 $375.00 Details
Carte Reduite Des Parties Septentrionales Du Globe.. 1758 Bellin 1758 $375.00 Details
Carte Qui Contient La Maniere Don’t Se Fait La Chasse Des Bouefs Sauvages . . . [Buffalo, Niagara Falls, Calumet Village, Huron & Illinois Indians] Chatelain 1719 $375.00 Details
Planisphere Physique ou l'on voit du Pole Septentrional ce que l'on connoit de Terres et de Mers Avec les Grandges Chaines de Montagnes …[Bay or Sea of the West] Dezauche 1780 $375.00 Details
Carta Esferica de las Costas Orientales de la America Setentrional que Comprehende desde Nueva York hasta el Golfo y Rio S. Lorenzo con Parte de la Isla de Terranova Construida en la Direccion Hydrographica . . . 1828 Direccion Hidrografica de Madrid 1839 $375.00 Details
Kaart Van Het Eiland Terre-Neuve, Van Nieuw Schotland, het Eiland S. Jan en het Oostelyhk Gedeelte van Kanada. Bachiene 1785 $375.00 Details
Recent Discoveries in the Arctic Regions Drawn By Jehoshaphat Aspin 1833 Aspin 1833 $375.00 Details
A Chart of the Banks of Newfoundland Drawn from a Great Number of Hydrographical Surveys, Chiefly from those of Chabert, Cook and Fleurieu, Corrected and Ascertained Astronomical Observations. . . 1775 Sayer   Bennett 1775 $375.00 Details
Carte Reduite Des Parties Septentrionales Du Globe.. 1758 Bellin 1758 $375.00 Details
Province Ecclesiastische Di Halifax e Terranuova Nell' America Settenrionale Petri 1858 $375.00 Details
To His Most Excellent Majesty William IVth King of Great Britain Ireland &c. this Chart of the Discoveries Made in the Arctic Regions in 1829, 30, 31, 32 & 33 is Dedicated iwth his Majesty's gracious permission . . . Ross 1834 $375.00 Details
The Coast of Newfoundland From Plancentia to Cape Bonavista [and] A Draught of the River Plata in South America [and] Havana, Harbour [and] the Bay of Honda Halley  / Cutler  / Senex 1728 $375.00 Details
Die Vereinigten Staaten von Nord America nebst Canada . . . 1859 Kiepert 1859 $345.00 Details
The Isles of Montreal as they have been Survey'd By the French Engineers London Magazine 1761 $345.00 Details
Le Isole di Terra Nuova e Capo Breton . . . 1778 Zatta 1778 $345.00 Details
Chart of the Northern Passage Between Asia & America Thomson 1816 $345.00 Details