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Maps of Canada

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Illustration Title Map Maker Date Price (US) More Info
The Arctic Regions of North America Weller 1860 ca $165.00 Details
East Canada and New Brunswick Tallis 1851 $145.00 Details
The Course of the River St. Laurence from Lake Ontario to Manicouagan Point Thomson 1814 $145.00 Details
North America Sheet IV Lake Superior Reduced from the Admiralty Survey SDUK 1832 $145.00 Details
Carte De La Baye De Hudson. . . 1757 Bellin 1757 $145.00 Details
A New Map of Nova Scotia, Newfoundland &c. . . . 1811 Cary 1811 $145.00 Details
Map of Duflot De Mofras. 1844 United States GPO 1873 $145.00 Details
Map of the Yukon or Kwich-Pak River (To illustrate Mr. Whymper's Paper) Arrowsmith 1868 $140.00 Details
Amer. Sep. No. 24. Nouveau Cornouailles [Prince Rupert, Babine Lake &c] Vandermaelen 1825 $140.00 Details
Amer. Sep. No. 19 & 20 [Partie du Groenland and Groenland Orientale] Vandermaelen 1825 $135.00 Details
A Map of the Countries situate about the North Pole as far as the 50th Degree of North Latitude Carey 1809 $125.00 Details
Neueste Karte vom Nord Pol Meyer 1846 $125.00 Details
Carte Du Cours Du Fleuve De St. Laurent Depuis son Embouchere jusqu'au dessus de Quebec. . . 1757 Bellin 1757 $125.00 Details
Embouchere Du Fleuve MacKenzie Vandermaelen 1825 $125.00 Details
North America Index Map To Canada And The United States SDUK 1831 $125.00 Details
A View of Quebec from the Bason Anonymous 1770 ca $125.00 Details
La Parte Orientale Della Nuova Francia Ou Canada Zatta 1778 $115.00 Details
Plan Du Port De Nutka Cala de Los Amigos Duflot De Mofras 1844 $110.00 Details
Amer. Sep. No. 36 Partie Du Bas Canada [Gulf of St. Lawrence, Isle de Anticosti, District De Gaspe] Vandermaelen 1825 $105.00 Details
Amer. Sep. No. 30. Ile De La Reine Charlotte Vandermaelen 1825 $105.00 Details