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Maps of California (California, Nevada, Arizona)

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Map No. 4 From The Valley of the Mud Lakes to the Pacific Ocean; from Explorations and Surveys made under the direction of the Hon. Jefferson Davis, Secretary of War by Capt. E.G. Beckwith 3d Artillery F.W. Egloffstein Topographer for the Route 1855 US Pacific RR Surveys 1855 $245.00 Details
Mission and Plain of San Fernando (Los Angeles County) US Pacific RR Survey 1855 $125.00 Details
Map Showing the different routes travelled over by the Detachments of the Overland Command in the Spring of 1855 from Salt Lake City, Utah to the Bay of San Francisco U.S. War Department 1855 $575.00 Details
Lassens Butte From Vicinity of Camp 18 US Pacific RR Surveys 1855 $45.00 Details
California [with large inset of Utah and Part of New Mexico] Morse 1856 $345.00 Details
Territories of the United States Morse 1856 $395.00 Details
A New Map Of The State Of California, The Territories Of Oregon, Washington, Utah & New Mexico Desilver 1856 $675.00 Details
California Utah, Lr. California and New Mexico Ettling  / Weekly Dispatch 1856 $225.00 Details
Preliminary Survey of Anacapa Island And East End of Santa Cruz Island California … 1856 United States Coast Survey 1856 $75.00 Details
San Diego Bay From Trigonometrical Survey . . . 1857 United States Coast Survey 1857 $675.00 Details
San Diego Bay From Trigonometrical Survey . . . 1857 (Rare Electrotype Copy No. 4 -- Separately Issued) United States Coast Survey 1857 $1,200.00 Details
State of California Rogers   &  Johnston 1857 $750.00 Details
Mare Island Straits . . . 1857 US Coast Survey 1857 $125.00 Details
Map of the Territory of the United States from the Mississippi to the Pacific Ocean Ordered by the Hon. Jeff'n Davis, Secretary of War To Accompany the Reports of the Explorations For A Railroad Route . . . by Lieut. G.K. Warren, Topl Engrs. . . . 1854-5-6-7 . . . US Pacific RR Survey 1857 $1,200.00 Details
Preliminary Chart of Eastern Entrance of Santa Barbara Channel . . . 1857 United States Coast Survey 1857 $165.00 Details
Crescent City, Klamath County, Cal Kuchel & Dresel 1857 $3,500.00 Details
Los Angeles 1857 Kuchel & Dresel  / John Howell 1857 (1935) $125.00 Details
Map No. 1. Rio Colorado of the West explored by 1st. Lieut. Joseph C. Ives, Topl. Engrs. under the direction of the Office of Explorations and Surveys - 1858 - drawn by Frhr. F. W.v. Egloffstein. Topographer to the Expedition. Ives 1858 $575.00 Details
The Great Pictorial Romance of the Age or Steam Ship Commodores & United States Mail Contractors Gildersleave 1858 $475.00 Details
Plat of the New Helvetia Rancho finally confirmed to John A. Sutter Surveyed under instructions from the U.S. Sureyor General by A.W. Von Schmidt Deputy Surveyor September and October 1859. Von Schmidt 1859 $3,800.00 Details