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Maps of California (California, Nevada, Arizona)

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Illustration Title Map Maker Date Price (US) More Info
Map and Profile of the Tejon Pass; from Explorations and Surveys . . . by Lieut R.S. Williamson . . . and Lieut J.G. Parke, Topl. Engrs. . . . 1853 US Pacific RR Survey 1853 $245.00 Details
Mexico, Texas und Californien . . . 1853 (Names Deseret!) Kiepert 1853 $1,100.00 Details
San Francisco. 1852. Bill 1854 $475.00 Details
(California Gold Rush Letter -- Ridley's Ferry, California, April 15, 1854) Coruth 1854 $475.00 Details
Reconnaissance of the Western Coast of the United States Middle Sheet From San Francisco To Umpquah River . . . 1854 Corrected to 1869 United States Coast Survey 1854 (1869) $675.00 Details
[Sonora, Tuolumne County, Southern Mines, California] Kuchel & Dresel 1854 ca $1,400.00 Details
Map Showing the different routes travelled over by the Detachments of the Overland Command in the Spring of 1855 from Salt Lake City, Utah to the Bay of San Francisco U.S. War Department 1855 $575.00 Details
Map No. 4 From The Valley of the Mud Lakes to the Pacific Ocean; from Explorations and Surveys made under the direction of the Hon. Jefferson Davis, Secretary of War by Capt. E.G. Beckwith 3d Artillery F.W. Egloffstein Topographer for the Route 1855 US Pacific RR Surveys 1855 $245.00 Details
California (with San Francisco inset map) Colton 1855 $295.00 Details
View of the Black Forest Mount Hope and Sierra Prieta. Looking S. W. from Topographical Hill US Pacific RR Surveys 1855 $35.00 Details
Port De San Francisco Leve en 1827 et 1828 Par Le Captaine F.W. Beeche de la Marine Royale Anglaise -- Depot General de la Marine 1855 (with inset maps of Bodega Bay, the Entrance to SF Bay, Monterey and profile views) Beechey  / Depot-General De La Marine 1855 $1,200.00 Details
Routes in Oregon and California. Map No. 1. From San Francisco Bay to the Northern Boundary of California from explorations and surveys made under the direction of Hon. Jefferson Davis . . . by Lieut. R.S. Williamson . . . and Lieut H.L. Abbot . . . 1855 US Pacific RR Surveys 1855 $675.00 Details
Mission and Plain of San Fernando (Los Angeles County) US Pacific RR Survey 1855 $125.00 Details
Lassens Butte From Vicinity of Camp 18 US Pacific RR Surveys 1855 $45.00 Details
California [with large inset of Utah and Part of New Mexico] Morse 1856 $345.00 Details
California Utah, Lr. California and New Mexico Ettling  / Weekly Dispatch 1856 $225.00 Details
A New Map Of The State Of California, The Territories Of Oregon, Washington, Utah & New Mexico Desilver 1856 $675.00 Details
Preliminary Survey of Anacapa Island And East End of Santa Cruz Island California … 1856 United States Coast Survey 1856 $75.00 Details
Territories of the United States Morse 1856 $395.00 Details
Preliminary Chart of Eastern Entrance of Santa Barbara Channel . . . 1857 United States Coast Survey 1857 $165.00 Details