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Maps of California (California, Nevada, Arizona)

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Illustration Title Map Maker Date Price (US) More Info
Oregon, Upper California, & New Mexico [Gold Region Shown in Gold!] Mitchell 1849 $1,500.00 Details
Map of the Gold Regions of California. Showing the Routes via Chagres and Panama, Cape Horn &c. Ensign & Thayer 1849 $8,500.00 Details
Chart of the Coast of California from San Blas to San Francisco Drawn chiefly from the Spanish Surveys, the Charts of Vancouver &c. the whole much improved by recent observations made by English and French Naval Officers . . . 1849 Imray 1849 $2,900.00 Details
A New Map of Mexico, California, and Oregon . . . James & Co. 1849 $475.00 Details
A Correct Map of the Bay of San Francisco and the Gold Region from actual Survey June 20th. 1849 for J.J. Jarves. Embracing all the New Towns, Ranchos, Roads, Dry and Wet Diggings, with their several distances from each other . . . Jarves 1849 $12,500.00 Details
Harbour of San Francisco California. Sketched from Beechey's survey . . . Revere 1849 $575.00 Details
Map of the United States, The British Provinces, Mexico &c. Showing the Routes of the U.S. Mail Steam Packets to California and a Plan of the Gold Region . . . 1849 Colton 1849 $3,500.00 Details
Lawson's Map from Actual Survey of the Gold, Silver & Quicksilver Regions of Upper California Exhibiting the Mines, Diggings, Roads, Paths, Houses, Mills, Missions &c. &c by J.T. Lawson, Esq. Cala. . . . Lawson 1849 $6,500.00 Details
Sketch of General Riley’s Route Through the Mining Districts July and Aug. 1849 Derby   &  Hollingsworth 1849 $750.00 Details
Sketch of the Route of Capt. Warner's Exploring Party in the Sacramento Valley and Sierra Nevada; During the Months of August, September and October 1849 . . . R.S. Williamson  / U.S. Government 1849 $475.00 Details
Sacramento-City in Californien Aus d. Kunstanst. d. Bibl. Inst 1849 ca $145.00 Details
Golddiggins on the Mokelumne River in California Meyer 1850 $125.00 Details
William Heath Davis: June 30, 1850 Letter from William H. Tiffany to William Heath Davis Tiffany 1850 $4,500.00 Details
Map of the Gold Region of California taken from a recent survey By Robert H. Ellis 1850 (with early manuscript annotations) Ellis 1850 $12,500.00 Details
Reconnaissance of the Colorado River made by order of Maj. Gen. P.F. Smith . . . 1850 Derby 1850 $450.00 Details
A New Map Of The State Of California, The Territories Of Oregon, Washington, Utah & New Mexico Thomas Cowperthwait & Co. 1850 $575.00 Details
[Lower California] Ackerman Lithg. 1850 $145.00 Details
General Chart Embracing Surveys of the Farallones Entrance to the Bay of San Francisco... and the Sacramento and San Joaquin Rivers To The Cities of Sacramento and San Joaquin Ringgold 1850 $975.00 Details
Mexico & Guatemala Thomas, Cowperthwait & Co. 1850 $95.00 Details
Carte De La Nouvelle Californie Publiee par le Mineuv, Compagnie Franco-Californienne des Mines d'or . . . 1850 Housse 1850 $1,400.00 Details