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Maps of California (California, Nevada, Arizona)

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Illustration Title Map Maker Date Price (US) More Info
Map of the Oregon Territory By the U.S. Ex.Ex. Charles Wilkes Esqr. Commander. 1841. Wilkes  / Wyld 1844 $4,800.00 Details
Los Angeles: June 19th 1844 Document -- signed by Jesus Dominguez and the husband of Andrea Abila Anonymous 1844 $475.00 Details
Plan de L'Embouchure Du Rio Colorado dans la Mer Vermeille Duflot De Mofras 1844 $195.00 Details
A New Chart of The Pacific Ocean, Exhibiting The Western Coast of America from Cape Horn to Beerings Strait, The Eastern Shores of Asia Including Japan, China . . . according the most Modern Surveys . . . Additions to 1836 & 1844 (Large Insets of Hawaii, Honolulu, San Francisco, San Diego) Norie 1844 $3,400.00 Details
Map of Texas and the Country Adjacent Compiled in the Bureau of the Corps of Topographical Engineers from the Best Authorities . . . 1844 Emory 1844 $9,500.00 Details
Plan du Port de S.Diego Duflot De Mofras 1844 $495.00 Details
Carte de la Cote De L'Amerique Sur L'Ocean Pacifique Septentrional compretant Le Territoire de L'Oregon, Les Californies, . . . Partie de la Compagnie de la Baie d'Hudson, et De L'Amerique Russe . . . 1844 [Republic of Texas] Duflot De Mofras 1844 $22,000.00 Details
Plan de L'Embouchure Du Rio Colorado dans la Mer Vermeille Duflot De Mofras 1844 $245.00 Details
Localities of all the Indian Tribes of North America in 1833 McKenny   &  Hall 1844 ca $975.00 Details
Mexico [Republic of Texas] Hall 1844 ca $375.00 Details
Map of an Exploring Expedition To The Rocky Mountains in the Years 1842 and to Oregon & North California in the Years 1843-44 By Brevet Capt. J. C. Fremont of the Corps of Topographical Engineers . . . Fremont 1845 $1,400.00 Details
Nouvelle Carte Du Mexique, Du Texas Et D'Une Partie Des Etats Limitrophes . . . 1845 (Republic of Texas!) Brue 1845 $4,400.00 Details
Map of Oregon Upper & Lower California, with part of British-America, The United States and Mexico. Sinclair 1846 $395.00 Details
Map of Oregon, California, New Mexico, N.W. Texas & the proposed Territory of Ne-bras-ka. By Rufus B. Sage. 1846 Sage 1846 $6,500.00 Details
A New Map of Texas, Oregon and California with the Regions adjoining Compiled from the most recent authorities . . . 1846 Mitchell 1846 $9,500.00 Details
A Map of the United States of Mexico, As organized and defined by the several Acts of the Congress of that Republic, Constructed from a great variety of Printed and Manuscript Documents by H.S. Tanner . . . 1846 Tanner 1846 $22,500.00 Details
Mexico & Guatemala Mitchell 1846 ca $295.00 Details
Mapa de los Estados Unidos de Méjico, según lo organizado y definido por las varias actas del Congreso de dicha República: y construido por las mejores autoridades. . . . 1847 [Manuscript Annotations] Disturnell 1847 $48,000.00 Details
Map of Mexico, Including Yucatan & Upper California, exhibiting The Chief Cities And Towns, The Principal Travelling Routes &c . . . 1847 Mitchell 1847 $4,800.00 Details
Sketch of the Passage of the Rio San Gabriel Upper California by the Americans, discomfiting the opposing Mexican Forces January 8th 1847 Emory 1848 $245.00 Details