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Maps of California (California, Nevada, Arizona)

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Illustration Title Map Maker Date Price (US) More Info
$100,000 -- St. Louis and San Francisco Railway Co. Guaranteed Gold 6's ofthe St. Louis, Kansas and Southwestern R.R. Co., Running through the Southern Section and Most Fertile part of Kansas. Anon. 1879 ca $65.00 Details
"Poplar City" Connecting The Cities of San Jose and Santa Clara, Cal., Owned by Moses Davis Thompson & West 1876 $320.00 Details
"The Burning of San Francisco" April 18, 19, 20, 1906. Beck  / Schmidt Label & Litho. Co. 1906 $8,000.00 Details
(Albany) East Bay Residential Distric Lot Auction Jud 1940 ca $375.00 Details
(Apple Valley, California) Ranch Verde Estates Anonymous 1955 ca $145.00 Details
(Berkeley, Piedmont, Claremont, Emeryville, Lake Merritt, West Oakland, Alameda) Map of the Ranchos of Vicente & Domingo Peralta Containing 16970.68 Acres Surveyed by Julius Kellersberger . . . Surveyed 1853 Partitioned 1854. Kellersberger 1852 $12,500.00 Details
(Boulder Dam / Las Vegas) Panoramic Perspective of the Area Adjacent to Boulder Dam As It Will Appear When Lake is Filled . . . Eddy 1936 $345.00 Details
(California Gold Rush Letter -- Ridley's Ferry, California, April 15, 1854) Coruth 1854 $475.00 Details
(Earliest Obtainable Map of San Diego Bay) Plan du Port De St. Diego en Californie. . . 1782 [with] Plan Du Port et du Departement de San Blas . . . 1777 La Perouse 1797 $450.00 Details
(Lake Tahoe, Placer County, El Dorado County, etc.) Punnett Brothers 1914 $375.00 Details
(Pueblo de San Jose, Milpitas, Mt.Pleasant, Pala etc.) Thompson & West 1876 $110.00 Details
(San Diego) Map of Middletown Surveyed by order of the Referees in the case of Baldwin et als. vs. Couts et als. . . . John E. Jackson, C.E. January 1874. Jackson 1874 (1908) $4,500.00 Details
(Santa Clara, Sunnyvale, San Jose, Milpitas, Alviso etc.) Thompson & West 1876 $235.00 Details
(Sicard Flat, Smith Valley, Yuba County California / Manuscript Map and Petition To Build Road) Anonymous Manuscript Map 1886 $295.00 Details
(Southern California & San Diego) Street Guide and Road Map of San Diego City - County Southern California . . . (with an early La Jolla inset!) Stokes 1925 $125.00 Details
(Tahoe & Gold Country) Mother Lode Map incorporating mother lodes of California and Nevada, scenes of the "Romantic Days of Gold." Cormack 1931 $575.00 Details
(Texas, California, Southwest, Mexico) Nicolosi 1660 $3,600.00 Details
(Thick Paper Presentation Copy!) San Diego Entrance and Approaches . . . 1853 US Coast Survey 1853 $750.00 Details
(Yosemite National Park) Travel California-Nevada with Conoco (Maps of Yosemite and California & Nevada) Gousha Company 1930 $125.00 Details
1875 Progress Map of the Geographical Surveys West of the 100th Meridian Wheeler 1875 $145.00 Details