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Maps of America

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(4 sheet chart of the Atlantic--Large Inset of Chesapeake & Delaware & NYC Harbor) Chart of the Atlantic Ocean from Buttons Island To Port Royall / . . . Oronoque River To The River May / . . . Coast of Africa from Cape Teffalana to Cape Formosa / . . . Shewing the Coast from ye Texel to C Cutler  / Halley 1728 $4,600.00 Details
(Unrecorded Variant of the First Map of the American Continent) Die Neuwen Inseln / So hinder Hispanien gegen Orient / ven dem landt indie ligen Münster 1572 ca $6,400.00 Details
(World & Continents) Nova Orbis Tabula In Lucem Edita . . . / Novissima et Accuratissima Septentrionalis ac Meridionalis America . . ./ Nova et Accurate divisa in Regna et Regiones praecipuas Europae Descriptio . . ./ Accuratissima totius Asiae Tabula . . ./ Totius Africae Accuratissima Tabula . De Wit 1689 ca $11,000.00 Details
A Chart of North and South America, including the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, with the nearest Coasts of Europe, Africa and Asia. Sayer   &  Bennett 1775 $4,200.00 Details
A Chart of the South Sea [1st English Map of the Pacific Ocean] Seller 1672 ca $9,500.00 Details
A Complete, Historical, Chronological, and Geographical American Atlas. . . Carey   &  Lea 1823 $9,500.00 Details
A Geographical Chart: or, A Scheme, Comprehending The Most Important Particulars Relative To The Geography of North and South-America. : Designed to be an Auxiliary to the Student. Carefully Compiled from the Best authorities, by Amos Bingham [Copy-Right Secured] Bingham  / Barber 1805 $3,500.00 Details
A Map of America or The New World wherein are introduced All The Known Parts of the Western Hemisphere . . . with . . . additions of the Discoveries . . . 1797. Faden 1797 $450.00 Details
A Map of the Americas Bowker Co. 1940 $245.00 Details
A New and Correct Chart of the Western and Southern Oceans Showing the Variations of the Compass According to the Latest and Best Observations Mount & Page 1755 ca $1,800.00 Details
A New and Correct Map of America Laid down According to the Accurate Improvements of Senex, Moll and other Modern Geographers. Humbly Inscribed to his Royal Higness Frederick Pirnce of Wales, 1738 Foster 1738 $3,600.00 Details
A New General Chart of the Atlantic Or Anonymous 1780 ca ? $3,500.00 Details
A New General Map of America. Drawn from several Accurate particular Maps & Charts . . . Bowen 1747 $575.00 Details
A New Map of America From the latest Observations . . . Senex 1719 $1,700.00 Details
A New Map of the Whole Continent of America. Divided Into North and South and West Indies, wherein are exactly Described The United States of North America as well as The Several European Possessions according to the Preliminaries of Peace signed at Versailles Jan 20, 1783 . . . Sayer   &  Bennett 1783 $2,400.00 Details
A new Projection of the Western Hemisphere of the Earth on a Plane (shewing the proportions of its seearl parts nearly as on a Globe) by J. Hardy (Teach of Mathematics & Writing Matter) at Eton College. Gentleman's Magazine 1776 $145.00 Details
A New, Plaine and Exact Map of America: described by N. I. Visscher And don into english, enlarged, & corrected, according to I. Blaeu: with the habits of the people, and manner of the cheife citties: the like never before Printed, colored & are to be Sold by Rob: Walton . . . Walton 1658 (1660) $18,500.00 Details
Album Filatelico y Geografico de la America del Norte (and) America Del Norte Filatelica (anonymous manuscript illustrations) Raggio 1939 $175.00 Details
Ameique Par P Du Val Geogr. du Roy Du Val 1661 $345.00 Details
America Lizars 1825 ca $475.00 Details