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Maps of Alaska

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Illustration Title Map Maker Date Price (US) More Info
Greater Juneau Area (View and Map) Ripley 1966 $65.00 Details
Yellowhead Highway 16 West Gateway to Alaska (with views of Prince George, Terrace, B.C., and Prince Rupert B.C. Pictorial Advertising 1965 ca $45.00 Details
A Good-Natured Map of Alaska showing the services offered by "The Alaska Line" and suggesting some of the most interesting features of the Territory Camy 1939 $675.00 Details
Territory of Alaska. Alaska Steamship Co. The Alaska Line McCaffrey 1936 $345.00 Details
Territory of Alaska Alaska Steam Ship Company 1936 $345.00 Details
(New Alaskan Air Routes!) Standard Map of the Territory of Alaska Compiled from latest Government Surveys and with the assistance of Prominent Alaska Men. Kroll Map Company 1935 ca $295.00 Details
Map of the Inside Passage Cruise To Alaska Alaska Steam Ship Company 1930 ca $245.00 Details
Map of the Canadian Rockies -- Triangle Tour of British Columbia Jaspar National Park Mount Robson Park Canadian Rockies and The Scenic Seas of the Northwest Coast Canadian Pacific Railway Canadian National Railway 1929 ca $145.00 Details
[Bering Land Bridge, Alaska] Teller-Kougarok Area Compliments of Lomen Commercial Company Nome, Alaska Lomen Commercial Company 1915 ca $245.00 Details
Port Simpson To Port McArthur including the Inner Channels and Prince of Wales Island from the Latest United States and Brisht Surveys . . . 1907 British Admiralty 1907 (1910) $375.00 Details
Alaska Cram 1906 $45.00 Details
Alaska (double page) Cram 1906 $65.00 Details
Part of the Thirteen L.H. District (Alaska, Unimak and Akutan Passes, Alexander Archipelago) Graham 1903 ca $175.00 Details
The Southern Part of Portland Canal Alaska From Chart No. 8100 of the United States Coast and Geodetic Survey 1891-99 Davidson  / US Coast & Geodetic Survey 1903 $475.00 Details
Die Goldgebiete zu beiden Seiten der Bering-Strasse. Von Hauptmann Fr. Immanuel. Petermann 1902 $145.00 Details
General Chart of Alaska and Eastern Siberia To Accompany The Reindeer Report . . . By 1st Lieut. Ellsworth P. Bertholf Revenue Cutter Service 1901 United States GPO 1901 $245.00 Details
Economic Geological Map of Seward Peninsula Alaska Bien & Co. 1901 $75.00 Details
Map of Northwest Alaska Showing the Region Drained Into Kotzebue Sound By the Kubuck or Putnam, Notark and Selawik Rivers and the Country adjoining, Explored by the U.S. Naval Expedition 1885-86 Under Lieut. George M .Stoney, USN Compiled from the Original Charts and Papers by A.L. McDonald ... 1898 McDonald 1898 $3,500.00 Details
The Gold and Coal Fields of Alaska Together with the Principal Steamer Routes and Trails . . . 1898 . . . US Geological Survey 1898 $295.00 Details
All About Alaska The Klondike Gold Fields and the Wonderful Talking Machine To The Klondike and Return . . . Sears, Roebuck & Co. 1898 $750.00 Details