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Maps of West Africa

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La Guinea Occidentale che contiene Le Isole Di Capo Verde Il Senegal La Costa Propriamente Dlla Guinea… 1794 Zatta 1794 $95.00 Details
Map of Part of the Western Coast of Africa Extending from the Isles De Loss to Sherboro Island. Particularly Exhibiting the discoveries lately made to the N.E. of Sierra Leone by Surgeon O'Beirne and Major Laing. Compiled from Original Documents in the Colonial OFficey Wyld 1843 $475.00 Details
Charte von Nieder-Guinea nach den besten vorhandenen Hulfsmitteln . . . 1806 Weimar Geographische Institut 1806 $225.00 Details
Isola del Principe Van Noort 1602 $95.00 Details
Princen Insel Van Noort 1602 $175.00 Details
West-Indische Paskaert waer in de graden der breedde over weder zyden vande middelyn wassende so vergrooten dat die geproportioneert syn tegen hunne nevenstaende graden de lengde. Van Keulen 1680 ca $27,500.00 Details
Pascaarte vande Zee custen van Guinea en Brasilia; Van Cabo de Verde, tot C de bona Esperanca: en van R. de Amazones tot Rio de la Plata, alles op wassende graaden gestelt . . . Van Keulen 1680 ca $975.00 Details
Pascaarte vande Zee custen van Guinea, en Brasilia; van Cabo de Verde, tot C. de Bona Esperança; en van R. de Amazones tot Rio de La Plata Van Keulen 1680 ca $1,400.00 Details
Western Africa Tallis 1851 $145.00 Details
Quarta Africae Tabula [Africa] Sylvanus 1511 $3,600.00 Details
Map showing the Western Half of Equatorial Africa and the Explorations by Land and Water of Henry M. Stanley in the Years 1874-77. Stanley 1878 $350.00 Details
A New & Correct Chart of the Coast of Guinea from Cape Verd to Cape Negro. Senex  / Halley  / Cutler 1728 $375.00 Details
A New Generall Chart for the West Indies of E. Wright's Projection vut. Mercator's Chart. By Ier: Seller and Ch: Price Hydrographers to the Queen at the Hermitage staires London 1703 Seller   &  Price 1703 $975.00 Details
A new and correct Map of the Coast of Africa, from Cape Blanco Lat. 20? 40 N. to the Coast of Angola Lat. 11? S. With Explanatory Notes of all the Forts and Settlements belonging to the several European Powers. (Inset map of the Gold Coast) Seale 1755 $475.00 Details
West Africa I SDUK 1849 $65.00 Details
Carte de la Riviere de Kalbar, Apellee communement Kalabar ou Rio Reaal avec les Cotes voisines . . . 1699 Schley 1770 ca $145.00 Details
Guinea Valk   &  Schenk 1695 $575.00 Details
(Country of the Negroes) Afrique ou Libie Ulterieure ou sont La Saara ou Desert, Le Pays Des Negres La Guinee, &c. Sanson 1657 (1683) $175.00 Details
Royaume de Congo &c . . . Sanson 1657 (1683) $145.00 Details
Isles du Cap Verd Coste et Pays de Negres . . . Sanson 1657 (1683) $125.00 Details