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Nicholas Sanson:  Audience De Guadalajara, Nouveau Mexique, Californie, &c….

Maps of California (California, Nevada, Arizona)

Title: Audience De Guadalajara, Nouveau Mexique, Californie, &c….

Map Maker: Nicholas Sanson

Place / Date: Paris / 1662

Coloring: Outline Color

Size: 10 x 8 inches

Condition: VG+

Price: SOLD

Inventory ID: 2679

Description: First regional map of America to show California as an Island. Prior to this map, all maps with California shown as an Island were either World maps, Western Hemisphere, North America, Pacific Ocean or some substantially larger geographical region. The region illustrated was still largely unknown. First map to show 2nd Sanson Model of insular California (two bays shown in Northernmost portion of the island). Nomenclature is a combination of Blaeu and Sanson. New Indian tribes named along the Rio Grande. The peninsula above California is a curious and unexplained addition. A seminal map, which influenced California Cartography for the next 50 years. A cornerstone map for California collectors. Burden 327; Leighley 9; McLaughlin 16; Tooley p.116. From the 1662 edition of Sanson's L'Amerique en Plusieurs Cartes Nouvelles… the third atlas to focus solely upon America. A copy of the accompanying text is available on request.

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